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RJ45 performance index and difference method

The performance indicators of RJ45 also include attenuation, near-end crosstalk, insertion loss, return loss and far-end crosstalk. Technical description of RJ45 performance: When the contact resistance is 2.5mΩ, the insulation resistance is 1000mΩ, and the electric strength is DC1000V (AC700V), there is no breakdown and arcing in one minute; 0.4mm ~ 0.6mm; the plug and socket can be repeatedly inserted and pulled out not less than 750 times; the 8-wire contact pin is plated with gold 509 (inch).

Copper current-carrying parts of two different structures for RJ45 connectors

Choose two 86-type sockets of different brands, the standard is the extra current 10A, the extra voltage 250V, after disassembling, take out the respective copper current-carrying parts, the shape of the current-carrying part 1 is the shape of the current-carrying part 2. It can be seen that the current-carrying piece in the middle is made of copper pieces spliced ​​together, and the two lap joints are riveted by rivets to complete the fixed connection, and the current-carrying piece is an integrated copper current-carrying piece.

Application Trend of RJ45 Connector

The main supporting fields of RJ45 connectors include transportation, communication, network, IT, medical care, home appliances, etc. The rapid development of product technical level in supporting fields and the rapid increase of market are strongly driving the development of RJ45 connector technology. So far, RJ45 connectors have developed into a series of products with complete types of products, rich types of specifications, various types of structures, subdivisions of professional directions, obvious professional characteristics, and standardized system standards.

How to design the port of RJ45

RJ45 is composed of a plug and a socket, and the connectors composed of these two components are connected between the wires to realize the electrical continuity of the wires.
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