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Mold Development

Mold Development

Introduction to mold development

The mold R&D center was established in 2012. It is a R&D department with an annual production capacity of more than 80 sets of molds, integrating the automatic R&D and development of plastic molds, metal molds, and tooling fixtures. The company mainly focuses on RJ45 sockets, Ethernet transformers , crystal heads, network modules, PCB sockets, USB, HDMI, optoelectronic connectors (SFP series), electrical power connectors, high-speed connector series mold production and research and development, as well as automated production equipment production and research and development.

The mold R&D center has strong technical force, excellent equipment, high-efficiency mold manufacturing production system and perfect parts testing system. It has always ensured the precision of high-precision molds and the speed of mold research and development, and provided high-quality high-precision molds for the company's production department. High-quality molds drive the company's advanced injection molding production. With the innovation of the company's mold design process and the introduction and implementation of the mold management system, the department is gradually integrated into the company's advanced production mode in the production and manufacturing process.


The overall goal of the technical system
mold design

Design concept: After the mold flow analysis, the assembled structure is basically adopted to ensure the convenient exchange of wearing parts and product specifications.

We are proficient in high-precision plastic molds, precision molds, and various types of hot runner molds. We can skillfully use the standard accessories of well-known brands such as HASCO, DME, STABLI, as well as the raw materials of Fudaba, Longji and other companies, so that the production cycle and service life of the mold are more guaranteed.

The company currently uses a 3D software operating platform to do product design and parting work according to customer requirements, which can save product design and development cycles. Apply full 3D for mold flow analysis, simulate more rational runner and gate design, and use 2D software for the whole process. Drawing part engineering drawings can ensure the standardization of dimensions in the process of mold making, and the inspection procedures are simple and clear!

The entire process of mold design, BOM, drawing, manufacturing, and verification is managed by the mold management system, which manages each production process in a unified manner and optimizes the schedule.

Mould assembly workshop


Automation Department    Automation Department provides professional automated workshop production line solutions, all of which are dominated by independent research and development technology, Auxiliary professional automation manufacturers research and develop and manufacture, and the selection of all raw materials and processing procedures strictly follow the highest standards in the industry, so automation equipment, molds and their auxiliary equipment are highly Mold Assembly Workshop



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