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Research And Develop

Research And Develop

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1. In February 2014, we warmly congratulated Xunwang Electronics Technology's 10G Ethernet transformer products for functional testing.

2. In June 2014, Xunwang R&D personnel successfully developed the RJ45+10G TRANSFORMER.

3. In August 2014, Xunwang was speeding up the development of CAT6/CAT6E/CAT7 RJ45 products.

4. In September 2015, XUNWANG is developing RJ45+USB2.0/3.0 10G product development.

5. In 2015, Xunwang Company established a supply relationship with GE 500, a global top 500 company. We hope that Xunwang can establish partnership with more world-renowned large companies and become a world-class connector and cable supplier.



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