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Our strengths
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XW Five advantages


01 Select advantages

Xunwang electronics is a professional manufacturer of RJ45 network connectors and transformers. It has 10 years of independent R & D, production and manufacturing experience.


02 Product R & D Advantages

Since 2008, the company has independently carried out connector mold design and new product research and development.
Especially focus on RJ45 connector, crystal head, PCB socket, rj45+ transformer
R & D and production of Ethernet transformer. The monthly development capacity of new molds is 3-5 sets.


03 Capacity and Quality Advantages

Our company has more than 100 sets of production molds, 16 injection molding machines, 15 metal punches of various models, and more than 100 sets of professional connector production equipment.

There are 5 automatic production lines and 10 manual production lines. Every day, 200k/ day of connectors of various models are produced.
Xunwang has passed ISO9001:2008 quality system certification, and the company has 50 sets of various instruments. All products comply with RoHS and reach European standards, and some products have passed UL certification.


04 Price and Delivery Advantage

Xunwang company has a one-stop production from product mold development to injection molding, metal stamping and finished product assembly. A large number of automatic production equipment are used, which greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the product cost, making our products more advantageous in the increasingly fierce price competition. The delivery time of our orders is generally 1-2 weeks, and the delivery time of special products is not more than 3 weeks.​


05 Transaction Advantages and Key Customer Cooperation Advantages

There are two factories and one office in the mainland. Domestic customers can choose domestic companies for transactions. Foreign customers can choose Hong Kong companies for transactions, which is convenient for foreign customers to cooperate with us.

Xunwang has cooperated with domestic well-known enterprises in Hong Kong and Taiwan, Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea. The well-known enterprises include Skyworth, TCL, ZTE, Fiberhome technology, Heshuo, Mingtai, TPV, LG, Samsung, Foxconn, Panasonic, Perth, Flextronics, VTech, FCI, MOLEX, Amphenol, etc.
We have accumulated a lot of experience in cooperation with major customers, which also provides us with confidence that we can have more opportunities to serve other customers.



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