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Power Connection

Power Connection

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A power socket refers to a socket that has one or more circuit wirings that can be inserted into it. This kind of wiring is convenient to connect with other circuits. The power socket is an electrical device that provides a power interface for household and industrial electrical appliances, and is also an electrical accessory that is used more in residential electrical and industrial electrical design.  

The product has a wide range of uses, mainly used in household appliances, lighting fixtures, industrial machinery automation control, electronics, Instrumentation, communication, audio and video, medical equipment and other fields. The schematic diagram of the power socket structure of each country is as follows:


Introduction and application of Terminal Block

Terminal block, the terminal block, is a Components of the connecting device. As a passive device, the current and voltage are introduced into the PCB board or related electrical/electrical equipment, and it is composed of a terminal body, a plastic case, a screw or a shrapnel structure.

As an accessory product for electrical connection, industrial It is divided into the category of connectors. With the increasing degree of industrial automation and the stricter and more precise requirements of industrial control, the amount of terminal blocks is gradually increasing. With the development of the electronics industry, the use of terminal blocks is increasing, and there are more and more types. In addition to PCB board terminals, the most widely used ones are hardware terminals, nut terminals, spring terminals and so on. Other common classification can also be divided into WUK terminal block, European terminal block series, plug-in terminal block series, transformer terminal block, building wiring terminal, fence type terminal block series, spring type terminal block series, rail type terminal block series, Through-the-wall terminal series, photoelectric coupling terminal series, etc.

Terminals are widely used in industrial automation, instrumentation, Elevator, electric power, rail transit, new energy, lighting, communication, power supply, security, shipbuilding and other industries.

Introduction to Terminal Classification


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    screw type
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    through wall
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    through type
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